Baring my Soul

Ripples on the Pond

8416_102647399752495_100000217065097_74045_2924194_nA series of research efforts regarding immigration to Buffalo, NY – the issues, cultures, stereotypes and efforts to overcome.


“For decades, an area of Buffalo, NY has been resided in by low- to moderate-income families.  Most of these have been immigrants whether from Sicily, Ireland or now, Puerto Rico.  The cultures may have changed, the judgments have not.”


What are Their Stories?

51UD0NCAI01TQ0CAXP129ZCA8WBYR2CA2XLDRGCAVBP5B2CAFTSJ5QCA2W7CDBCA0L4HI7CA8EWB0ZCAUXRBXICAFF1OBCCAQLND7CCAGJOQ6GCAFOZDO3CAX9NELACAHP4HLWCAYGT60UCA5BKETRCA2WXD04Each of us has ancestors.  Some were immigrants that came into Buffalo as little as one or two generations ago.

I am requesting the stories of their entry into the United States and their settling into their first homes either here or other cities.  Whether good or bad, lessons can be learned.

Stories like these need to be preserved and passed on from generation to generation.  Like a photograph, they can be an eye into what makes us the people we are today.


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