Baring my Soul


I have decided that life is way too short and way too important to not stand up for community over politics.

That’s it. Do we continue to be led by the nose by politics just to get a program funded or to make sure we get services that should be distributed to each and every citizen of our city on an equitable platform and based on priority only?

So, Politician A gets you funded one month and his opponent, you know, the one that likes to bite back HARD, gets elected in his place. Now what?

Local nonprofits need to focus every bit of energy on creating benchmarks in programs they present. If you need to hob-nob for the cash, you may become complacent. It’s happening all over our city.

No funding should be relegated until the records of all nonprofits’ programs and administration are thoroughly reviewed and benchmarked.

It’s with this in mind, that I am centering the rest of my years on this earth toward community and nonprofit capacity building.

We need the programs that succeed, that are sometimes, unfortunately, ignored due to who needs to deflect some of their budget to whom for Promise A, B, or C. That’s not the way a city grows. That’s not the way community flourishes beyond neighborhood borders.

So, I’ve given up ‘being nice.’ I’m older, wiser and can use both as excuses for not ignoring the simplest of ideals – truth and integrity – for all the right reasons.


2 responses

  1. Great blog! Totally makes sense!

    May 5, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    • rodgerswrites

      I’m bringing the Rodgers-Writes blog back. (a couple days for this – be ready for connection by Tuesday.

      November 4, 2011 at 9:52 pm

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