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Buffalo’s Ellicott District – Just a Few Ideas

A commenter on Buffalo Rising provided a number of issues facing Buffalo’s Ellicott District about a year or so ago.  I could have attempted to answer them all in the comment format, but I was sure there wasn’t enough space to do so.  So, I ask you to be patient and accept this excerpt from my views on district remediation for Ellicott.

The Ellicott District is the most diverse district on our city.  Whether we consider race, ethnicity, culture, income, education, housing, economic development, or preservation, the Ellicott District has it all.  This diversity is not only a challenge, but a blessing, as well.  What is needed in Ellicott is a meeting of the minds to develop trust for the seat and within the district, a bridging of the gaps and a celebration and appreciation of that diversity.

Ellicott is divided geographically as well as culturally.  Main Street dissects it, as does the Kensington.  Everyone is affected by both advantages and disadvantages of this geographic and cultural divide and it’s time we bridge that divide through ground-up efforts and practices.  Although the commenter mentioned the victories of Allentown and the West Village, there have been numerous victories in each of Ellicott’s sectors whether the East Side, West Side or the Downtown/Delaware Development Corridor.