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I have many interests, but all are centered on community building and sustainability.  The foundation, of which, comes from stable neighborhoods, the people living in them and the future of the youth who also reside there.

So, you’ll see some editorializing, ideas, concepts, philosophies and information to re-engineer our small- to mid-sized nonprofit organizations that truly can make a difference with a centered focus and solid planning.

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As of November 7, 2011

Not much else to say, but after a year or so, I’ve decided it was highly important to come back to me.

Sure, you gotta pay the bills.  but, when paying the bills consumes your every moment – something’s gotta give.

And, that’s my schedule.


I have decided that life is way too short and way too important to not stand up for community over politics.

That’s it. Do we continue to be led by the nose by politics just to get a program funded or to make sure we get services that should be distributed to each and every citizen of our city on an equitable platform and based on priority only?

So, Politician A gets you funded one month and his opponent, you know, the one that likes to bite back HARD, gets elected in his place. Now what?

Local nonprofits need to focus every bit of energy on creating benchmarks in programs they present. If you need to hob-nob for the cash, you may become complacent. It’s happening all over our city.

No funding should be relegated until the records of all nonprofits’ programs and administration are thoroughly reviewed and benchmarked.

It’s with this in mind, that I am centering the rest of my years on this earth toward community and nonprofit capacity building.

We need the programs that succeed, that are sometimes, unfortunately, ignored due to who needs to deflect some of their budget to whom for Promise A, B, or C. That’s not the way a city grows. That’s not the way community flourishes beyond neighborhood borders.

So, I’ve given up ‘being nice.’ I’m older, wiser and can use both as excuses for not ignoring the simplest of ideals – truth and integrity – for all the right reasons.

Buffalo’s Ellicott District – Just a Few Ideas

A commenter on Buffalo Rising provided a number of issues facing Buffalo’s Ellicott District about a year or so ago.  I could have attempted to answer them all in the comment format, but I was sure there wasn’t enough space to do so.  So, I ask you to be patient and accept this excerpt from my views on district remediation for Ellicott.

The Ellicott District is the most diverse district on our city.  Whether we consider race, ethnicity, culture, income, education, housing, economic development, or preservation, the Ellicott District has it all.  This diversity is not only a challenge, but a blessing, as well.  What is needed in Ellicott is a meeting of the minds to develop trust for the seat and within the district, a bridging of the gaps and a celebration and appreciation of that diversity.

Ellicott is divided geographically as well as culturally.  Main Street dissects it, as does the Kensington.  Everyone is affected by both advantages and disadvantages of this geographic and cultural divide and it’s time we bridge that divide through ground-up efforts and practices.  Although the commenter mentioned the victories of Allentown and the West Village, there have been numerous victories in each of Ellicott’s sectors whether the East Side, West Side or the Downtown/Delaware Development Corridor.

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